Glimmerglass State Park {Otsego Lake}


I had a lovely, relaxing day trip today with a girl friend of mine. We relaxed on the beach, swam, people watched, read, snacked and just enjoyed ourselves. It was much needed ME time!


Status: Vacation Mode


It’s vacation week!! I’m currently in relax, enjoying my family mode.

So far, I’ve been at the beach every morning with my  family, have been eating a lot of seafood (fresh clams, lobster, bluefish, salmon and oysters!), drank wine, took one 3 mile run along the Long Island Sound coast, found hermit crabs and crabs, and today we took the kids to the casino for lunch.  They were mesmerized!

I’m contemplating a run tomorrow morning. Debating what my next goal/race should be too…

Just finished reading Nineteen Minutes  by Jodi Picoult. Currently reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.

Oh, and O lost his fourth tooth yesterday!

Life is good.