Locust Pose

Locust Pose

Check it outttt! Okay, so I haven’t been very good about posting but I have a list to catch up on that includes the wonderful progression of my yoga practice, running my first marathon, dealing with insane hip, sciatic joint pain/ hormones (I blame them for my lack of posting!), and then some other happenings in my life.

Firstly though, my locust pose! My legs flew right up in Bikram tonight. Yes, I try to do a Bikram class once a week. The benefits of it are amazing, and it is such a challenge to stay in control of your body. Check it out.

Don’t worry though, my first and always love will be PranaVayu.


I Sleep Like a Baby Every Night… Waking Up Three or Four Times to Cry (sort of!)


I thought I was feeling good again.

Remember when I mentioned that awful ear infection I had Easter weekend? Well sadly, it got much worse over the weekend.  Friday night, before the race it was still achy but not too bad, and I’ve been congested for well over two weeks now.  However, Saturday night both ears started to get shooting pain throughout the majority of the night. Wah!

I guess the amoxicillin isn’t working.  I’m really not a big fan of antibiotics but ugh, at this point I am ready for this congestion to be gone!  Which, it never really will due to allergies.  Something else I need to address… do I go ahead with the allergy shots?  Or, just continue on taking medication daily for the rest of my life?  Also, what if the allergy shots don’t work?

At any rate, I felt like a bit of a baby yesterday morning when I called the on-call doctor, something I normally only do for my kids but seriously, it was painful Saturday night.  I wasn’t about to go through another night of ear pain.  They upgraded me to augmentin and so far, I still have that fullness and aching in my ears. I just took my third dose this morning.  If I am not better by tomorrow I am supposed to call and head back to the doctors, so let’s hope it kicks in today!

Especially since I am looking forward to ninety minutes of Pranavayu-inspired yoga tonight!