Glimmerglass State Park {Otsego Lake}


I had a lovely, relaxing day trip today with a girl friend of mine. We relaxed on the beach, swam, people watched, read, snacked and just enjoyed ourselves. It was much needed ME time!


Suck it, February!

Is it March yet?

This month has a been a total germ-fest here in our household.  Owen has officially made it to school 8 days this month.  Poor guy has been sick with strep, and a respiratory illness. He got hit the worst.  Nora has been a little congested but nothing major, yet.  Rick was sick before O got hit.  And now, guess who’s partying it up with the germs?  Yes, ME.

It came on rather quickly on Friday, which may be due to the fact that I stayed up with friends until the wee hours of the morning in Saratoga.  First half snuggling up a newborn (oh my!), and helping a girlfriend with breastfeeding latching tricks. I was on emergency friend duty for a bit. Then, the latter part of the night having wine with my CT friends, and hitting Denny’s at 2am.  I don’t know when the last time was I went to Denny’s, but I will say I feared the food!  I stuck with the basics, eggs and toast.  The coffee was  potent, like gasoline. My friend B actually ordered a MEAT omelette… gross dude!  I also never knew they made pancake puppies…  aka deep fried bread, and my friend actually ate it!

At any rate, I was extremely tired on Friday morning.  Skipped Fit Camp to sleep.  Then later that day, BAM! Congested, and achy.  Luckily it was the weekend and the husband was home.  I just completely wore myself out from this month of sleepless nights sharing a bed with the sickness, and staying up until 3am was the icing on the cake.

Although, I do have to say it was worth it.  I love and miss my friends! I never stay up past 11:00pm these days, so it was so nice to help out one of my oldest friends, and then hang with my favorite CT peeps sans kids.

Needless to say though, week two of training wasn’t the best. I’m glad I decided to do the long run at the beginning of the week, which is something I’m actually thinking of doing permanently.  Long runs on Mondays.  So, first bump hit in training was being sick.  I did manage to take the dog out for a 2 mile walk yesterday just to get my legs moving.  This week will be trying with the training as well since the kids are off from school.  I’d like to get in 3 miles today, outside.  Nice and easy of course!

I definitely need to revamp my training calendar.

I’m also ready for this month to end.  I tend to think of February as the armpit month of the year.

Send me lots of healthy vibes please!