Good morning. Happy New Year.  Oh wait, I said that on my last post twelve days ago.  Ooopsie!  So far, my goal to keep up with my blog isn’t working.  I need to readjust that one, so here I am fresh from boot camp and finishing this post I started this morning.

I could just blame it on the weather since it officially feels like winter around these parts now.  Two hour school delay yesterday, the white stuff, and my coffee has cinnamon in it!  Not to mention all the crazy cooking I did yesterday.  I love cooking when it’s all cold and wintry outside.

Let’s see.  Here’s where I am at righthisminute in no particular order.

  • VCM Marathon training begins in February.  I just put the  training schedule in to my calendar the other night. Ahhh!
  • Which leads to, I’m still not sure I am going to take my runs outside in the cold weather now that it is here.
  • I signed up for the Boilermaker 15K again and am looking for a partner in crime *hint*
  • I still do yoga 3 – 4 times per week.
  • I am taking this semester off at college.  I have two classes left for the AAS in Computer Information Systems.  Finish it in the Fall.
  • I want to volunteer in O’s kindergarten class at some point, and in Nora’s preschool class. Yay!
  • We are looking at properties lately, deciding what our next move will be and how long we can hold off.
  • I am throwing a close friend from college a baby shower in early February.  Here. I hope The drama will be left at the door!
  • The kids started ski school last week.  Nora pretty much threw up the bird at the whole thing and refused to participate, and decided to cry and then ignore the group. O loved it.  Fingers crossed next class is better for that Judy!
  • Swimming for Owen and gymnastics for the Bean are still in full effect, weekly.
  • Wally continues to jump the fence.  Bark incessantly at everyone to say hi to him. Drives me nuts!
  • R is still loving his new position as a global something or other. It makes me laugh when he talks to a guy named Harry Wong.
  • No, I am not kidding.
  • The End.

Here’s some mobile photos from this past week.

Post Holidays unpredicted naps from the Bean. Or, possible growth spurt?

Yesterday. School delay. Snow!

Ummm, when did he get so big? He shoveled the walkway!

Wally monster, probably tired after jumping the fence.

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