Stockade-athon 15K 2011 Recap

Hola!  It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted about any races.  I just ran my last long race of the season (or so I say…that peer pressure gets me sometimes!).  At any rate, the Stockade-athon 15k.  My second 15k this year, and of my life.

So, to start off I was a little apprehensive about running because I was up way too late on Friday night (good job, Denise), and then I ended up having a stomach bug on Saturday morning.  Stomach pains and nauseated, ugh!  You got to love this time of year.  I had to be near a bathroom all morning (tmi, sorry dude).  So, the two combined made me wonder if I should even run. New strategy,  I decided to just lay low and hung out in bed the majority of the day with my two little entertainers.

We missed a birthday party (lo siento!) but we made sure to send our wishes to Owen’s little buddy via email.

That’s pretty much how our day went.  Just silliness while I consumed some nuun electrolyte tablets. My goal was to focus on refueling and rehydrating myself once the bathroom issues passed, which I did followed by a nice light pasta florentine for dinner.  Hung out with the family for a bit and then when the kids went to bed, I went to bed too.  I think I was sleeping by 8:00pm!  I was whipped!

Race Day

As always, it’s chaos here in the morning getting out the door when I leave for a race with my family in tow. No matter how much I prepare the night before.  It’s hard to focus on myself when the kids need to get ready too (remember when I forgot my Superfeet insoles my last half marathon, ahhh!).  Mostly thought, I was a little tired, and worried about having to use the bathroom a zillion times because I kept my morning race routine of coffee, water, and a clif bar.  Not to mention I was completely indecisive about what to wear in this crazy November weather.  40’s and sunny while running, short sleeve? Long sleeve?  Definitely tights. Do I need a jacket?   I ended up wearing my leggings, a short tech t-shirt, a cheapo headband and gloves  (clearance from Target last year) that I could toss.   When I got to the race, everyone was all layered up in long sleeves, and so then of course I was all…should I put my jacket on? My friends, and random strangers looked at me like I was crazy.  1.) No jacket  2.) lime green sparkle (Love Team-Sparkle!) skirt with my running tights and 3.) probably because I looked all sleepy and tired as hell.

Rough morning? Whatever.  I’m running this thing!

The day the skirts  arrived, she was so excited.

I met up with the Running Chick girls, hung out in the pavillion by the fire then headed out to start.  Sparkling!  I finally decided to go with the short sleeve tech shirt. Suck it up, buttercup, you’ll warm up!

Everyone took off together pretty much in front and behind me but I lost everyone within the first half mile because there were so many people, and I tend to hold myself back at the start.  I really wanted to pace myself.

Hi, my family! See you at the finish!

That being said, the Stockade-athon flew right by for me! I ran, I chatted, I made a few new friends and had a great run while doing it.  I held back during the first half of the race which was flat, and downhill.  Enjoyed running through the Stockade with a couple funny guys that made the run so easy. I took my first GU then so that my legs would be replenished for the hill. Then I got to State Street hill (mile 5.5), and caught up to a sparkler, and then proceeded to kick that hills ass (see below!)! I increased to a 9:30 min/mile pace and once I conquered it, I move to a 9 min/mile pace… and I felt relaxed and picked up my pace through the Vale cemetary.  It was great! I did another GU during mile seven to help  for replenishment again, and recovery at the end.   It was a great move for me!

Click to enlarge to see my stats.  I’ve switched to the Garmin Connect utility online.

So, yeah  I came in strong at the finish increasing my pace each mile.  I felt great at the end!  My knees felt good, and I couldn’t believe that I got a personal best on this course, and not even meaning too! I was so excited!

Coming up to the last mile around the pond! Sparkle Power! I ran into another sparkle chick!

I really enjoyed that run.  Amazing to think how well I felt after the previous days sickness.  Of course my knee was screaming at me on Monday so I took the day off. Did some easy yoga on Tuesday.  But, ahhhh!!!  It was such a fun and enjoyable race!

Take that, hills!!

Official Stats:

Chip time 1:27:25  Chip pace 9:23

Gun time 1:28:02  Pace 9:27

See you at the Turkey Trot 5k where I plan to trot along with a friend!


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