Happy OWLoween!

I finally carved the last two pumpkins today…

Happy Owloween!! Idea courtesy of Brett Bara.

Then I ended up doing Rick’s pumpkin. Bah!  Although Nora wanted the Prayer Pumpkin from her school. So, you snooze you lose buddy (also, he was working ;))

Prayer Pumpkin.  Nora was excited to make one!

Prayer Pumpkin

Then we got a crazy groove on with dinner before we had to dress up and meet our neighborhood friends for some Trick or Treating.  Wahoo!

My boy as THOR! with one of his favorite buddies who was dressed as a team that totally did not make our night last night.  Come on, Pats!

N as a kitty.  CUTENESS!

Here she is from pre-school today fully dressed.

That’s about it!  The group of kids/parents (at least 12 kids, and then parents) totally made our rounds.  It was a great night!

Now I’m off to have some wine and go through the loot while the wee ones are sleeping…


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