Z PAKKkKkkkkkkk

Let’s kill this illness, yo!

Two weeks down for the count, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I felt better. I felt like poo. I felt okay. I felt super weak.  Not to mention, anything mucus related just DOES NOT come out of my body. I went to see my lovely family doctor yesterday, and while she listened to my lungs she was all “Dude.  You’re full of junk!”.  No kidding! haha.   That’s what my husband says, was my response. (I kid!) But, God,  love her.

So, this junk in my chest is nothing shocking.  It happens all the time when my allergies kick up, or when little people bring home the super fun viral illnesses and then smother me with kisses. Also, did you wash your hands?  Cripes, kid! Go wash your hands!

Then Fall officially hits, and I do love this season, I get all post-nasal drip drip @#$3@#! drip, and nothing seems to work (my medicines, nasal spray…).  This when I start to get all “WAH! Summer! Nooooooooooo, don’t leave me!” 

My husband says I’m dramatic?!. …WHAT! EVER!  He’s mister, I’m only allergic to tuna. P’sh.  I can’t avoid the seasons, duh!  Also, I don’t get to take a day off from work to be sick. Dramatic, it may be more like I’m cranky.

Yeah, I am totally cranky.

So anyway, the post nasal started a few weeks ago.  Then the kids brought home some viral awesomeness on Friday night.  Weeee!!! Illness + pumpkin carving = fun!

O also went to the doctor yesterday too and he’s on some antibiotics as well.   O has my awesome respiratory asthma issues, and wooo..right to his chest!  The Bean on the other hand seems to be holding her ground.  I think.

That’s what we’ve, well I’ve been up to… I haven’t ran since Monday October 17th.  I’m suppose to move my running indoors but I still have the Stockade-athon on the 13th, and holy smokes my back hurts from last nights mucus party!  You know how that first night of the Z Pak goes, coughcoughcoughhackcoughcoughhackkk all.the.live.long.day.

I was contemplating hitting the germ infested jacuzzi at the gym, but have opted to take a nice hot tub here at home.  I never just stop, you know?  I am always doing something. So, I am stopping right now and going to read a magazine in my tub sans children.  Right now.  OKthanksbye!

PS Who gets the flu shot?  I’m curious what you people do because dude, I did it once and I will never do it again.

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