Jacks for 2011

Pumpkin carving weekend began, and I got through two pumpkins today.  The kids love helping clean out the pumpkin, watch me carve, bake pumpkin seeds and snack.

The detail working on the Angry Bird pumpkin, which took most of my carving time and energy for the day! Photo by Owen.

Here I am hard at work!

And now for the lit up jacks… dumdumdummmm.

Nora’s request, Hello Kitty which…phew! Nice and easy because, dude, my hand is going to fall off!

The Angry Bird with the sling shot shadow (Please, Mom! Pleaseeeee, Mom!!)  Who then stated after I lit the pumpkin that I forgot to carve out the three bricks. Sure! I forgot! Oops!

A close up of the Angry Bird pumpkin.  I think he came out pretty great!  The kids are super happy, so that just makes me feel all sorts of good.  We have one (well two, but Rick’s on his own) more pumpkins to go.

Not sure what I want yet.. I still like my Hungry Jack from last year.

Time for a Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale!


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