Ma Familia

My awesome family and I at Howes Caverns at the beginning of September.  We’ve been busy this Fall with my two on-line courses (I have quizzes and exams every week, ugh!), the kids in school, the house, dog, gymnastics, O made it into stroke school (Wahoo!), and the best  yet is my husband was promoted! Waaaahooooo! I had no doubt he wouldn’t get this position.  It’s like, his dream job!

I love my family. I am just truly proud of them and blessed to be apart of it all.

Although, I could do without the temper tantrums and night wakings…come on little people.  Toss Mama a bone!

Oh, and I’ve started the recap of the Palio Half Marathon. I knowwwww *eye roll*. I hope to have it done this week.  I start training for another race next week!

Anyway, just wanted to post something since I’ve been totally lame in that department.


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