Growing Up…Is Hard For The Mom To Take

There is about a zillion things I want to post about that I just keep jotting down on post it notes.  The little book marker post it note things which are starting to make a nice little frame around my laptop monitor. Things just keep happening, LIFE keeps happening…is there a pause button?

This is what happens when the adults send the kids out back so they can have a conversation without all the madness only to hear the words “mud” and “pie” followed by the phrase “FIRE IN THE HOLE!”.

So back to pause button.  Where is it?

One of the best things that’s ever happened to me.  Owen.

Owen, 2 days old.

I mean seriously… my BABY boy turned 6 years old last weekend. We now have to count his birthday age on two hands.  Not only that he is getting older, and bigger but he’s grown. He’s compassionate, empathetic, loving, imaginative, emotional, and curious.

Rick and I were joking around the other night and O pipes in with, “hey DAD. (Totally grown up sounding and serious). It’s not nice to pick on people.”  Our jaws dropped because 1. WOW and 2. WHEN did the kid get so grown up?  Is this what going to full day of school does?

Which by the way, PAUSSSSSsssseee. Pause. AGAIN!

Owen is going to Kindergarten this year too.

First day of Kindergarten AND the bus.  Stop the madness!

And, I don’t even want to discuss the bus, and the fact that he told me some kids were making fun of his little friend and he told them “KNOCK IT OFF! That’s not nice!!“.  Not sure where he got that from *ahem* but man,  it’s just wild that he is actually learning the world.    Something I’m not really sure how I feel about yet.  I just want to protect him from all the bad stuff in it. You know?

Impossible, I know!  It’s just harder now that he is realizing how others treat one another and asking why people do the things they do.  Gah!

 Man, he’s so fun-loving and has this wonderful sensitive spirit, I will be majorly peeved if the world decides to squash any part of it! (settle down, Denise!).  Although, I know that we are our children’s first teachers and need to guide and teach them to overcome and to always do the right thing.

Can I just say how much I am learning from him too?  I am incredibly blessed to have Owen as my son. I love him sooooooooo much.

Now, can he just stop growing already and stay 6 forever?

My baby boy, always.


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