T- Minus 11 Days…

Okay, so it’s eleven days until the The Saratoga Palio half marathon.  Where am I in this whole training plan, you ask… good question.

Well, not too much has changed since the painful run.  I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing resting.  After that run, I took a day off and tried again on Friday and was successful with a nice easy 2 mile run but then after that the pain returned.  I’ve pretty much been foam rolling all week, stretching yet trying not to over stretch.  A couple of yoga classes, and then I even took advantage of the hot jacuzzi at the gym on Sunday after a yoga class.

I’ve also invested in some BIOFREEZE cold therapy, which works deep into the muscle and joints.  It totally eases the pain but something you have to be careful of when you use it, and not injure yourself.  I plan to use it after working out, or just when I’m relaxing.  I got this at my chiropractors office.

What else? Oh! Monday night, Nora came into our bed.   Possible anxiety from all the talk of school starting soon (it’s been happening often the last couple of weeks).  Or maybe it’s a phase?  At any rate, she was in bed and really all over the place so I got up and slept in her bed. Can I just say, I think I’ll probably sleep in her bed until we buy a new mattress!

I woke up with some of the aches but none of the hip pain!  Okay, well a little bit but I’m pretty sure it’s not helping any… of course now I’m thinking its the bed that has been causing all this crap! I mean the mattress is what, TWELVE years old.  Used as a trampoline the last five years, and is all lumpy and well, I’m ready to toss it now.

Side note…my husband just loves me. mwuahaha

At any rate, that’s where I am at and also that I’m itching to run.  There is eleven days until the half and I need to figure out what I am going to do!

In theory, here is what I would like to do..

Wed (today) – 3mi

Thur – off

Friday – 6mi

Sat – off

Sun – 11mi

Mon – off

Tue – 3mi

Wed – 4mi

Thur – off

Fri – 2mi walk

Sat – off

Sun – half marathon

I don’t even know if this is possible until I run and see how my leg is doing. I feel better but I haven’t done anything strenuous or repetitive like running  I was contemplating hitting the track to start, to soften the run and go from there.

I guess I will just have to keep doing what I am doing, and play it day by day!


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