Training Week 2 Recap {Ick!}

Starting week 3 of my 5 week training plan for the half.  Let’s hope this week is better than last week!  I had a rough week with tight leg muscles that were causing some pain.  What I thought was  a pulled groin muscle was actually  my hamstring that refused to release.  Ouch, and then of course the other side started to act up in my hips and lower back.  At that point, I just decided I needed to rest.  No running.  Except you know, the long run.

Went to yoga three times last week, a lot of stretching and foam rolling (holy shit, it hurts!) and then I went to the chiropractor who finally got my hamstrings to let go.  He gave me the okay for the long run as long as I went slow.  Which was fine by me because as you  know, if you are going to skip any run it shouldn’t be the long run. If you didn’t know that, now you do!

I ran 9.3 miles with a 1 mile cool down walk on Saturday.  I felt good after mile three and got into a nice rythm for a bit and tried to keep my pace at around 11:00 minute miles rather than the usual 10:30 pace.

The run was nice, easy and relaxing except for the fact that it started to get a little humid out near the end.  I got started with my run later than usual (I won’t get into why) but it was 10:00am before I even got out the door.  Suck!

My legs were sore on Sunday, so with Hurricane Irene here I did a lot of foam rolling.  Seriously, that takes my breath away sometimes!!  But I had to do it since yoga was canceled.  Oh, Irene!

Now on to week 3.  Wahoo!

Week 3 Fitness Plan

  • Monday: 4mi run and 90 minutes of yoga
  • Tuesday: Body Sculpt (Hoping my husband can get home in time from work for this one!)
  • Wednesday:6mi run & yoga
  • Thursday: 4mi run
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: Long run
  • Sunday: Yoga

Alright, off to get grooving.  I need to head the college book store.  Classes begin today. Wah!

PS Our skirts are in… yay! Thanks, Meg!


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