Team Sparkle

As I said in my last post, I ran a couple of times on vacation.  I wasn’t planning on running at all but then ended up doing a 3 mile and 5 mile.

The first run happened as soon as got to the beach because I really, really am not a fan of my husbands highway driving. Gah!  I love him dearly but he is a complete Massachusetts driver (masshole).  The weaving in and out of traffic just kills me.  At any rate, if I don’t sleep then the drive is just nauseating and I am tense, in an irritated kind of way.  I had to relieve that bit of tension, stat!  So, a quick 3 mile run and I felt better.

The second run happened about half way through vacation because I was indulging in all things seafood and wine related.  Not to mention all the brie and bread I ate one night.  I was feeling it.  It was the loveliest 5 miles along the coast.  I was headset-less too.

The sounds of the waves, and just being out there were soothing and made my run fly by!  I wish I got photos of the ocean while running along the cliff at the beginning of my run. The views were amazing.  How nice would it  be to run all the time along the coast!

So, while on vacation I’ve been contemplating what run to do next..The Run Around the Block 15K? I just love Block Island and that would totally give me a reason to get away for a weekend. I’m due for one of those!  Then, there is the Saratoga Springs Palio Half Marathon.  It’s local.  For a good cause.  Not to mention a bunch of running friends are doing it.  But then, that only leaves me with 5 weeks to train!  Decisions, decisions.

I’ll be the first to admit, I am horrible with committing to something so far in advance.  I could hem and ha forever!  After a little discussion with the husband and just driving myself batty I finally just registered so that there was no turning back.  The Saratoga Palio half marathon, it is!

Th 5 week plan I put together.

I got week one down but have been feeling a lot of tightness in my inner thigh.  I somehow pulled a groin muscle or am turning my toes inward.  I don’t know, but ugh! I’m contemplating switching out to my New Balance shoes to see.  You know, the ones I’ve been hiding. ha!  I’ll try doing 4 miles in them today with the Superfeet.

So there you have it! I’m doing another half marathon!  Although, I would love to run it under 2 hours I’m taking this one nice and easy and just going to have fun.  After all, I’ll be part of Team Sparkle and doting a purple sparkly skirt! I’m not a skirt runner but these were too cute to pass up.  I believe there are at least ten of us running this so we’ll be a rainbow of colors running through the city of Saratoga Springs!

Photo via Team Sparkle

Alright, off to get my 4 miles done at the middle school track.  The kids will ride their bikes while I run it.  PranaVayu yoga tonight!


One thought on “Team Sparkle

  1. OK…Your legs will look good, but some of the legs on the page are a bit scary. Another 1/2 Dee!?! You are a mad woman! (As I look myself in the mirror and say “Step your game up!”)

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