My Baby Girl Turned FOUR!

My baby girl turned four years old this weekend!  It’s hard for me to believe how quickly these last four years have gone by… she is such a little spit fire, that one!  Colorful, intelligent, witty, independent, stubborn, loving, funny and  compassionate.  She’s a beauty and we are truly lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful daughter!

We are so proud of our girl!

This years request was a rainbow cake with sprinkles which lucky for me I happen to remember seeing a rainbow cake on the Sweetpolita blog, who got it from the Whisk Kid blog so then I made some mental notes as to what I would do for the cake this year.

I went right ahead and made it a full six layer cake!  I let the kids help, and they were just so excited about it.  Making the kids birthday cakes every year is the one thing I really love doing for them, and now with them.

TA-DA!mammoth Rainbow Cake!

Nora couldn’t have been more pleased!

I wish I took photos of all the pom-pom decorations I made for her last minute party too (seriously, I’ve been away every weekend this month so I was going to just hold off until our vacation but she was so excited this year to celebrate her birthday, and had requested three friends to come so, I threw it together quickly!). Anyway, the pom-poms…you’ll have to settle with them put away in the storage tote!  (Oh, yes… I am saving them!). There’s probably about 25-30 in there and they looked really great hung up all over the deck and the tree outside.

Tissue Pom-Poms!

We ended her party with some fireworks.  It was a great time!

Ooohhhh. Aaaaahhh!

Happy 4th Birthday to our favorite girl! We love you!



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