Old Port Half Marathon {My First Half Marathon!}

Wahoo!  I ran my first half-marathon on Sunday.  I still can’t believe I actually ran 13.1 miles. Yay!

Last year at this time I was all, pfffftt to my husband (the runner in the family) any time he mentioned me running longer distances than 5 miless .  I’ll just stick with yoga and my cardio runs, thanks.  This year though I decided I did need a goal especially since the kids were out of school for the summer and I wouldn’t be able to make to the gym on a regular basis.   Working out definitely has become a part of my life again and if I don’t do it, then I just don’t feel right! It’s like when I am starving, I start to get a little cranky! ha!

At any rate, my first half-marathon.  The Old Port Half-Marathon and 5K, the first inaugural run in Portland, Maine.  I ran it alone with my husband there as my number one fan.

As man of you know, the last week has been really humid and was supposed to break on Sunday.  I was hoping before the race started but alas, we left the Inn at 7:00am and it was 78 degrees fahrenheit and still humid.  I had to take a few deep breaths in to really mentally focus on what I may be in for, and to remind myself I needed to take it slow at the start.  Then I used my inhaler, and prayed that we’d have some coastal breezes!

The inn was about ten minutes from the start.

Eastern Promenade/Cutter Street  Location of the start of the race.

Waiting, and sweating. Already! It was a little sticky and I was still hoping for some breeze action. Not to mention that I was anxious!

Then my husband took off  when there was about four minutes until start to take a couple of photos and get in position when we came around Cutter Street onto Eastern Promenade.

The runners

What a view!

The start

And, we’re off…!

Old Port Half Marathon Start a video by hazel de on Flickr.

The first half the race went by rather quickly.  Around mile 6 I took my first GU Energy gel, and that was at the Gilsband Farm Audubon Center.  It was the only part of the race that I actually stopped briefly because it seemed all at once everyone in front me wanted water at the water station, and it was a tight squeeze with the runners coming into the Audubon Center, and us going out of the center on just a driveway. They definitely should move that water station to just before or after that part of the race.   After that though, I got back into a nice groove the next three miles where I met up with Rick at mile 8.  Cheering me on!

Old Port Half Marathon Mile 8 a video by hazel de on Flickr.

For some reason he took video every time he saw me but did manage to snag a couple of Portland while he was on the Back Cove trail waiting for me.  You can also see Portland in the background in the video too.  A few of us were grooving for a bit at the same pace but I lost them when they stopped to get water at mile 10.  I rarely stop if I don’t have to..!

View of Portland, ME from the Back Cove Trail.

Then Rick was hanging around mile 10 on the back cove trail.  It was nice seeing him because right before that at mile 9, I had to push through my right knee tightening up.  The KT Tape hasn’t been holding up during the races either, but still helps so I run while it is partially attached!  Anyway, my knee finally loosened up again after I took a GU Energy gel.

The only action photo R got of me!

Mile 11 was rough but nice all at the same time.  That coastal breeze I was waiting for finally arrived and the humidity ceased, and the sun took a quick break.  The rough part was the breeze itself because it was more like wind, running against it, the dust on the trail blowing  and it was up a small hill.  Besides the elements though, I felt totally fine.

After the hill though,  I just wanted to be done… it must have pulled some energy from because all of a sudden I was hot! I hit up the water station really to just dump water on myself, which I tend to do through out the race.  When mile 12 came around, I felt relieved because we were on the Eastern Promenade trail that runs along the coast  back to the finish at the Maine State Pier. So close! I finally picked it up and pushed the last two miles.  I caught up with a couple of barefoot runners.  You’ll see them in the video.

Again, my biggest fan cheering me on the last half mile of the race. I look totally beat in this part of the video. You can totally see that I am focused and ready to get it done!  Also, thank goodness for R and his supportive ways.  His cheering really helped keep me going at the end.

Old Port Half Marathon Last Mile a video by hazel de on Flickr.

Wahoo! I did it!  I ran my first half marathon in 2:08:49!!  I just love the medals we got too!

Of course I forgot to stop the Garmin when I crossed the finish line.  Which, they totally announced us as we finished and I have the biggest smile on my face in the Capstone Photography images.  Not just because I finished but because he pronounced my last name correctly! hahaha!

At the end of the race, I hit up the medic tent for some ice for my knee where I hung out for a good fifteen minutes just icing it, sucking back water, took some ibuprofen and ate some bagel.  Stretched. Then it was time…

to celebrate!


After the race, I showered and then Rick and I went and got our seafood on.  YUM!  Hit the beach for a couple of hours and then explored the Portland coast.  Beautiful! I’ll have to dedicate another post to that.

Will Run For Food!

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