Father’s Day 2011 {Better Late Than Never!}

Ahhh, Father’s Day!  I am a little behind on some posts.  I see I have seven drafts just sitting and waiting to be completed and published so I’ll start with this one.  It was a great day!

So here it is…

The kids were very excited to celebrate Daddy on Father’s Day this year.  They are at great ages for these kinds of things.  Firstly, Daddy was given his present… a family pass to Howes Caverns that I won at a silent charity auction for food allergies.  When I saw these I immediately thought of Rick and his outdoorsy nature!  Perfect for Father’s Day.  He was pleased as punch!

Next we served up his favorite breakfast, which we made pretty simple because we had his soccer game to go to next and we didn’t want to fill him up too much. So, it was pancakes and fruit only.

Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancake mix added and made with vanilla soy milk, flax meal and chocolate chips!

Then we accompanied with our everyday smoothie.

Fruit smoothie.  The kids love to press the buttons on the blender to make them!

Then we headed to out to watch Daddy play soccer.  Wahoo!

Soccer Dad

Owen pretended to video tape him (…with his Nerf gun?)


And, Nora watched intently (at the beginning anyway..)

Daddy’s No. 1 Fan!

Then the kids goofed off and played a little soccer themselves!

This kid can dribble but he just is not into the organized part of the sport! (Seriously, watch out for this guy, Michael Phelps!)

Then Nora turned the camera on me while I was lounging in the sun watching the game.


Half Time!

O delivers a thirst quencher.

Father’s Day huddle and pep talk.

Second half, back to the game.

Although, I lost some little people…

Making friends.

Over all, I think Rick had a fantastic Father’s Day!  I’m incredibly lucky and blessed to have such a beautiful, happy family.

Happy and content with his Father’s Day snuggles.

And to end Daddy’s day on a high note, O lost his second tooth! Wahooo! (Then a week later he lost his 3rd!)

My Toothless


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