Boilermaker 2011

What a super fun race the Boilermaker was!!!  The 9.3 miles literally flew by and I enjoyed everything about it.  I can not believe how organized it all was, and the volunteers were amazing!

We headed out to Utica the day before and checked in at the Ramada Inn.  I barely slept that night because I was so anxious.  When 12:30am rolled around I finally took a Xanax to help relax me so I could get to sleep!  Of course I awoke before the alarm even went off at 5:30am, and my husband called me shortly after so that we could wish each other luck. He had the Pine Bush Triathlon that day.

We left the hotel a little after 6:0o AM so that we could find some parking and I could catch a shuttle bus to the start.  Thankfully we scoped out the area the night before and found parking right near one of the pick-ups.

Pre-race, ready to run!

Waiting for the shuttle.  I met some pretty great people in this line!

Then, that’s it for photos until after the race.  I had my Incredible 2 in my belt but I’m not skilled with taking photos yet and running!  As for the race… I loved the course.

The course was packed full of spectators and entertainment the entire route!  Before the run I was a little apprehensive about the hill at the golf course.  Everyone made it sound huge but in all reality, I didn’t think it was that bad at all!  I kept a nice 10:00’ish pace up it, and the view looking back was amazing of all the people behind me. I wish I had a photo it.  On the descent I remembered a tip the guy on the shuttle gave me, stay to the left and hit Kelly’s popsicle stand.  That I did! I cruised after that for a couple of miles until I hit mile 6-7 across the highway without any shade.  I grabbed ice and just dumped it into my shirt!  After that mile though, the last two I totally pushed it.  The streets became even more packed with spectators, and I ended up passing a lot of people who used up their energy and legs at the start of the race.

The training I’ve been doing has been totally paying off too. I had negative splits the entire race!  Here are the RealTime Alerts that were sent to Rick.

5K in 32:08 Pace: 10:21  Est. Finish: 1:3628

10K in 1:00:50 Pace: 9:47  Est. Finish: 1:31:11

15K Finished in 1:28:17 Pace 9:28

Wahoooo! Can you believe it!  My goal was to finish under 1:40:00.   Starting off slow and saving my legs and energy for the second half of the race is such a beneficial way to train for longer distance races. My husband was so excited when he saw I had the negative splits.

Here are my stats from the Garmin, which I forgot to stop after I crossed the finish line. ha!

Click to enlarge

So fun!  Of course I celebrated with a couple of Saranac beers following the race!

Hit the spot!

Following my drinks we headed back to the hotel and headed to Delta Lake State Park for a night of camping.  What a fantastic and memorable Boilermaker weekend!  I hope to do it again next year.

Next up, the Old Port Half Marathon in two weeks!


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