12M D-O-N-E Wahoo!

Alright, I’m totally behind here with my posting!  After my long run this week of 12 miles, I iced my knee up then finished super packing for a kick ass fourth of July weekend with friends out in Connecticut.  Man, I miss Connecticut… maybe some day we’ll move back.

Anyway, I did it!  Ran the 12 miles and felt good doing it!

Distance: 12.0mi
Time: 2:05:14
Average Pace: 10:26min/mi

I’m pretty pysched! Here’s the break-down of it from my Garmin.

Click to enlarge

I started out pretty slow because I couldn’t wake up.  Seriously, mornings are so hard for me ever since I’ve had kids!  It’s pretty wild and has thrown my husband completely off too.

I took one GU Energy gel although after I ran my husband, my “trainer” (ha!) said I should have taken another one. Oh well, I was feeling good and strong so I just pushed through at the end!  I maintained a pretty decent pace too.

Also, I broke out the KT Tape for my run which totally helped out!  I could feel it support my knee when it wanted to stiffen up and then it was back to normal.  It worked amazingly!

Post 12 mile run, my longest run to date!

The tape help up pretty well, and I kept it on for a few more after.  You can wear it for up to five days but I have a feeling it wouldn’t last much more than a couple.  Still, love that stuff and am so glad my girl friend recommended it to me.  After running, I of course I iced my knee and then got into a groove to get ready for Connecticut.

I made rose sangria!  I’ll have to do a separate post on our weekend but let’s just say it went fast!

Next weekend in is the Boilermaker 15K race in Utica.  I head out the night before with a friend.  I’m pretty excited, and I hope to do well!  It fits in perfectly with my training plan for the half marathon.   I just need to remember to NOT get caught up in all of it, or I won’t make it to the end!!  It will be good practice for the half but, eeek! My biggest race yet!

It’s time to get back into a groove tonight, with a run and some yoga!


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