Turning It Around

Wow.  I’m happy to say that last week is finally over!  I was in a funk most of the week with the rain, and no schedules and lack of running but I think I am starting to pull myself out of it.

I should have run: 4M, 5M, 4M and a long run this weekend of 11M.  However, I only ran the 5M, and then the 4M Friday evening to just get it done.  Seriously, I cruised through Friday because I wasn’t feeling it and it’s been such a chore to schedule in running this week. Ugh.  I averaged 9:30 minute miles until the Garmin died 500 feet into the 4th mile.   I just wanted to get home.  I honestly didn’t enjoy running at all this week!  I can’t believe that happened but the endless week of rain didn’t help, I’m sure of it!

Today I am supposed to be running my long run at 11M, however, since my SI joint is acting up (lack of yoga/gym time, I think) and I am adamant on following the Marathon Rookie Training schedule, I ran 4M this morning in 41:36.  I really worked at staying in the 10:30 minute per mile training zone.  No rush today, and I enjoyed my run. Finally!

I hit up the yoga class after and got my stretch on.  My SI joint is feeling a little better so now I’m trying to figure out if and when I should get my 11M in…tomorrow morning perhaps?  Hmmm.. that will be a long day of running, and then going to the kids first swim lesson.  Will I even be able to walk to it! ha!

Source, Endurance Junkies

Let’s see, what else?  Oh, I bought some KT Tape this weekend to assist with my longer runs and the knee stiffness.  Amanda mentioned it to me and I immediately put it on my list of things to pick up.  It looks like it would be helpful, and it’s so amazing with all the different areas of pain it can be applied to.  I can put it on my lower back for SI joint pain too!  Nora picked out purple for me, and then we picked up some orange and pink swimming goggles for her.

We had a Mommy and Nora day yesterday where we had lunch together at Chipotle, went to Dick’s Sporting Goods, BJ’s Warehouse, and then as I promised, she got to pick out a toy too.  A doll no less!  I’m shocked!!  This little bit of one on one time is just what I needed to help pull me out of last weeks funk.  A little shopping, lunch, and time with my girl.

I mean really, how could this not put a smile on your face?

Nora wearing her wings in Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Another moment with her that makes me smile is after she picks out her doll, the first thing she says to me is “When you take her out of the box Mommy, I will hug her!”  Then continues with her cute self by hugging the box.

Nora and her doll, Princess Tiana.  She is so excited.

I’m turning it around, people.  I hope we some sunshine tomorrow for the first day of swim lessons.

Also, I have yet to post about Father’s Day weekend… the last warm, sunny day I can recall. I will do that later!

Oh! And, O lost his second tooth on Father’s Day!


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