First Week Of Summer

Last week was a single parenting week for myself, and a week of adjustments for all of us.  We are officially adjusting to summer.

To start us off,  and because I love summer, I decided to forgo my need to be online so much this week, and read a book, a non-school book which I enjoyed very much!

The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks

I’ve officially decided it’s summer too because this is the kids first week with no school which in turn means my first week with no gym in the mornings.  Talk about a tough adjustment for all of us!  They already miss their friends and teachers, and I did yoga only twice!  I also tried a new pilates class and that was it besides staying with my running schedule.  I was only able to do this because my Mom came to visit for the week, thank God!  I’ll have to figure out something now that summer is in effect. Evenings, perhaps?

Rick was away all week on business too, so if you have kids you know that Daddy being away can throw off things a bit, and right during their first week of summer session.  I did my best to keep things as calm as I could and as routine as I could.  My kids like and thrive with a routine, for the most part.  I think having Grandma here was a good distraction as well.  Again, thank God!
And lastly, O had his dental appointment for three fillings and a crown.  It took me awhile to come to terms that he has “soft and tight” teeth and the cavities were completely normal.  I’m pretty anal about the brushing, and we eat sweets but I’m not a big candy person, they have never even had soda, I mean he eats spinach for goodness sakes! I was completely shocked to learn he had so many cavities! (There’s more on the other side).  At any rate, I’m all crazy about the flossing now!  So the dental procedures, talk about my anxiety setting in because I used to hate going when I was little. Today though it’s much different,  they gave him Versed to relax him so that he would remember little to nothing about it all.  The hardest part was seeing my kid out of it like that.  I mean, in retrospect, it’s kind of funny, but ahhhhh,  a few tears did manage to slip out of my eyes.   The dentist was amazing though, and quick as hell!

Here he is after the procedure still a little sedated, he couldn’t help but mess around with the numbed part of his face.  I had to remind him to “please stop sucking on your cheek, or please don’t put your fingers in your mouth.” Poor kid!!

Then he was like this for almost three hours after…

Thankfully he remembered nothing about it!

So anyway, we made it through the week!  O got his first fillings, I stayed strong, the kids were great, and my Mom was here.  Her being here also allowed for me to get  out on Tuesday night for a silent auction charity.  Although I didn’t win the yoga sessions for my local studio, I bid and won passes for Howes Caverns for Rick for Father’s Day! He will be so pleased!  I also bought a bunch of raffle tickets and won the two bottles of organic red wines I wanted (Yay!!!!)A zinfandel and a malbec.  My two favorite kinds of reds!

Rick arrived back yesterday afternoon, and it was an exciting day for the kids to go the airport to get him!

Here’s the Bean all dressed up ready to pick up Daddy at the airport yesterday.

Daddy’s girl!

All in all, it was a good week, I was fortunate to be able to stay with my running plan (Thanks, Mom!) and we are so happy to have Daddy back home!

He must be my lucky charm because this mornings ten mile long run was my best run all week! More about my run in another post.

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