Half-Marathon Training Plan and Fitness Calendar {June}

Here is my half-marathon training plan and June fitness calendar, which changes often and will change again definitely since the kids are out of school and they have camps  and swim lessons coming up!

The running plan I use is from the Marathon Rookie. I checked out a few and found that this plan fits best with where I am at fitness wise, and running.  It’s a ten week plan but I started training a couple of weeks into it.

Like I said before, my fitness schedule changes a little depending on the kids and when I can get out.  I have my runs set up to end with my long run and I run the exact mileage of the plan above but with a few modifications on the days.  I love yoga and pilates and it really helps with my running, as does a little body sculpting or boot camp.  I try to incorporate one day a week of that in my schedule and at least two days of yoga but I prefer three days of it at least.  I do it at home also, but I focus much better when the kids aren’t around (duh!). That’s another goal of mine, is to teach a little kid type yoga class to them because they seem very interested in it and mimic some of the poses I do!

Here’s my tentative June fitness schedule. I update it as the days go by…  I’ve been doing my long runs on Friday mornings but I’m contemplating switching it to Saturdays and then eventually Sundays.


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