Rocked It Out!

I ran my longest ever run this morning, and the long run of my week (I know, the running plan!).

  • 8.04M @ 1:26!
  • No water stops.
  • Tried the Espresso Love GU which, ehhh. I wasn’t a fan of the taste. I took the GU just after I hit the 5 mile mark.  It seemed to do the trick though.

Rick is going to show me how to upload my running information from the Garmin. I should really learn how to use that thing!
I feel great though, and the run was great. Honestly, I can’t believe that I did it without any water and just kept a really decent pace the entire time. I did a nice size hill at mile 4.
Go me!
Other than my run…I never mentioned that I was debating about the Boilermaker in Utica. Of course as soon as I decided that I wanted to do it, I was a day too late and it closed out. Bummer!
Then I got to looking at my running and dude, I have to run a 9 mile week THAT week of the Boilermaker. Gah! I emailed the race director asking if there was a “Waitlist”, he then emailed me back a couple of days later with a “Special Entry” application attached, and said to send the $50 dollars. I’m so excited! I’ll know in 2-3 weeks after they process it if I’ll be running the 15K!  Cross your fingers for me!
This will be ,my longest race ever! Not mention it will be good practice for my half at the end of July.
Maaannnn! I think I’ll have a Saranac to celebrate that, and my kick ass run today!

Founding Sponsor of The Boilermaker!


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