Hammer Time

What a beautiful morning!

The kids slept long and hard last night, 7:00 PM – 6:00 AM. They obviously needed it!  I was heading out the door when the kids rolled out of bed.  My goal was to get up at 5:30 AM but I am just not a morning person anymore.  I hit the snooze on my cell phone about five times before I got up, half awake and ultra cranky.

My run started off a little rough because I forgot to use my inhaler but luckily it’s crisp and cool out there today.  I could have used a cup of coffee too but ahhh, I needed to get back so my husband could go to work, and I didn’t want to get sucked up into the usual morning routine with the kids.

This morning I ran my long run this week for my training plan (will post it this weekend!) which was originally scheduled for Sunday… 6.32 M is what I ran at a 10:27 pace.  It’s my first long run since the five-mile dash back in April.   Not too bad considering I was having a hard time warming up the legs the first couple of miles.  Shins were a little achy so I’ll have to remember to roll them out later. I managed to work through it and get into a groove though. Yay!

I tried my first energy gel today at around 50 minutes into my run just to try it.

Hammer Engery Gel

It was a freebie that I think my husband got at the Corporate Challenge race so I thought I would give it a go.  I hear that these are good, the Sport Beans and the GU are all pretty decent.  My husband prefers the GU Vanilla Bean… I guess I ‘ll have to try them to see what works for me but I really liked the Montana Huckleberry flavor I had this morning, and thankfully the consistency wasn’t as thick and gooey as I as anticipating! I even felt like I could keep running but you know, I need to stick to the training plan!  If anyone has any suggestions, they would be welcomed and greatly appreciated!  I’m new to this whole distance running thing, although my husband isn’t, I’m still very curious about what everyone is using, and what they like!

Alright, thirty minutes to  finish this cup of coffee, get the kids to school, and then its off to fit camp I go!  Wish my legs luck!

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