A Long Day’s Work

Aaaahhh. Silence.

Today was a long, long, loonnnnnnnnng (just in case you didn’t get what I was saying!) day.  The. KIDS.  Really, thank goodness there were no mountain lions around.


I kid, I kid!

Seriously though, I had to follow through today with my threats of time outs, which was way too often.  I don’t know if they are still off from the Holiday weekend, school ending (next week..eeeekk!), the crazy change in the weather but regardless, no thank you! I’m all set with the whining/bickering/not listening and just plain old having to repeat, repeat, repeat myself.

I’m tired! I think maybe I will go grab a glass of wine and climb into bed, like now.

On a fitness note, I did make it to yoga class this morning followed up with a thirty minute session of body sculpting.   Running and fit camp tomorrow.  I will try to post my running/work out schedule for the next eight weeks soon.


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