{Pilates} Thoughts

I am so sad, yet flattered at the same time…

My pilates instructor is taking Wednesday evenings off her schedule (pilates and spinning) to concentrate on her new business (personal training).  I’m so bummed because I LOVE pilates, and I love the way she teaches it (yoga and fit camp too!).  The mat pilates that I know, and probably the only class around here that I have found that is true to form Joseph Pilates.

When she told me I was bummed but of course, happy for her.  She’s truly a great motivator. At any rate, she then followed with the words, “I thought about you a couple of days ago… have you ever thought about getting a pilates certification?  You totally should.”

Talk about flattered, and thrown off.  I was like, “HA!  I’ve had a couple of people say that(Seriously!   I never watch others in the class because I am so busy focusing on myself (my form) but I’ve a few people come up and ask if I taught a class..hahaha!”  Totally flattered.  Although to actually teach a class. I mean, you know?  It’s nice  to just go and just do it without thinking about anything else and having someone remind you of what you should be doing when you’re working your core.  But then again, if I got certified then it probably would be drilled into me, and it would give me a chance to work on something I love , learn more about it, and get that core work out! Mind, body and spirit transformation.  I love alignment!

How funny, and totally cool would that be?   I’m not sure I would teach it which, would defeat the purpose but it would be great to be certified, and get that true pilates transformation.

Oh, who knows!


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