SPAC Rock & Run 5K

Did a personal best this weekend at the SPAC Rock n’ Run 5K on Sunday!

I’m in the gray running right in front of the guy in red.

          Time                                                                           Pace

25:12 8:07

Although I PR’d, I had a bit of a rough run the last mile and a half.  I got a side stitch which, I usually can fight off but I was having a bit of a time with it.  I didn’t keep a good focus (I knew I should have ran with the mp3 player…as my friend calls it, it’s a crutch I need) and when there was about a half a mile left (sooooo close, ugh! ) . I had to stop quickly to finally shove my hand up into my rib cage and catch my painful breathe!  Talk about frustrating!  My goal was to run the 5K under 25:00, doh!

Thanks to the lovely lady who was like, “COME ON! You got this!”  I sucked it up and just did it!  Thank you lovely lady with the orange shirt! You rock!

All in all though, it was a great day!

My biggest, littlest fans (I love that Make It Happen shirt behind me!)

I got to run the Rock & Run with my friend, like we did last year.  I think it’s our new tradition!

A & I


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