Sweep Those Clouds Away

WOW.  Finally, it’s the end of the week. Talk about being in a funk… here’s a quick re-cap bullet-style.

  • Rain. Rain. And MORE mother@#@#@#!@ING RAIN.
  • A five-year old with fever but still manages to be all sick and running around.
  • Hormones. Like you had to know THAT.
  • Forgetting the little one had snack week at school.
  • A trip to the pediatrician’s office. Gah!
  • Canceling a dental procedure for my five-year old because of the sickness.  (Can I tell you how much anxiety I’ve had about him getting a crown… DUDE.)
  • Lack of sleep because of said crown, the coughing five-year old, and just being all hormonal-y. Mostly though, the dental thing.
  • Dirty wet floors.  Wet dog.  That wet dog smell.
  • Rescheduling my runs and missing Pranavayu-Inspired Yoga Monday night. Waaaaaaah!
  • The camera falling off the back of the couch and breaking… *sigh*  Totally my fault though because I let them take photos with it all the time.  Talk about back-firing on me!

Finally, though…

O is feeling better, and was back at school today. Blue skies appeared, and the sun came out which, thank you GOD.  We spent the entire day outside playing, riding bikes and cleaning out the van.  I can also push the anxiety of the dentist to next month, so ahhhh. Sleep was good last night. REAL good.

I know there is nothing I can do about the camera but buy a new one.  It’s in my cart on Amazon, and I think I will stick to the Canon Powershot Elph’s.  Love them.

I also bought myself another pair of running shoes, you know to help me feel better. I went with the New Balance 759’s I couldn’t stop thinking about that I had tried on along side the Brooks.  I got a wicked deal online at DSW.

(I hope my husband doesn’t notice.)

(You know, unless he reads this…)

OH, and because of the all the rain and being forced to run inside, and again to help myself feel better, I went ahead and bought myself a new running/rain jacket.  I settled on the Brooks Infiniti jacket.  I hope I like it.  I’ve just been reading reviews the last couple of days and it will be here tomorrow!


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