Great Moms 5K


So, I ran a 5K this morning and finshed on the Garmin at 25:18!

My husband wanted me to wear it [his Garmin Forerunner] to see how I performed, he’s so funny with the me running thing..  (I also think he is living vicariously through me due to his hip issues, which sucks because his thing is running.  Double suck, right?). At any rate,  I never keep time really to see how I perform each mile, I just run to run but he loves that I am running again and wanted to see how I did at each point.  He said “If you shave 7 seconds off each mile you’ll be at 8:00 minute miles!”  Also,”… you took off at 6:19/mile, you need to take off slow.”  Something that is hard for me to do!

Anyway, it was a first inaugural run that was set up through an instructor friend from the gym, and about 70 were registered but it looked like maybe there were  50 people there.   I don’t know though, I’m not really good with assessments like that. I’ll know when the results are posted.

I believe I came in 8th (information from Rick) and missed being in the top three females by like 8 seconds.  Doh!  I was 4th, and he was all catch her at one point near the end, which I didn’t understand why but now I do! Regardless, it was still fun and I was just happy to keep a decent pace throughout the 5k.

I am totally proud of my 25:18 though!  My goal was to run it under 27 minutes.

Here’s the breakdown from the Garmin.  My husband had to help me with this because I have NO IDEA how to work the watch! hahaha  He literally told me to only hit start/stop only.

Okay so here it is..

Mile 1:  8:18

Mile 2: 16:49

Mile 3: 25:18

I’m off to watch Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Stopped Worrying and Love the Bomb.  Then a 1000 word report on it to follow. Two more weeks and the semester is over!


One thought on “Great Moms 5K

  1. Hi. Amazing coincidences: I ran a 5K today, also, and my husband, a formerly serious marathon runner, can’t run anymore due to hip issues. Strange, huh? Anyway, I wanted to tell you that if you just started running, you can and will get much faster with each subsequent 5K, particularly if you get serious about your training, which isn’t required but can be a fun challenge. Congratulations on a great race and wishing you continued success!!

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