Feeling Good Again

I apparently had a nasty ear infection when I went in on Monday.  I had been congested with a head cold for well over a week.  Then, I had some shooting pain in my right ear for a couple of days before I went in, of course during the Easter Holiday in Massachusetts visiting family so I sucked back Nyquil a few nights to help ease the pain (and to help me sleep!).

At my appointment, I literally jumped when she stuck that thing in to my ear to take a look.  Stinkin’ HURT! Then, I laughed because I felt like a two-year old that couldn’t sit still because, what the crap dude? My ear hurts when you do that!  (On a related note, I am so sorry for holding you all those times, O Bear! Ugh!).

Three days, and six doses later I am feeling better. Yay!  Took a nice two-mile run this morning using my new Go Belt.

Go Belt Source

That thing is awesome, and I love that I can clip my Zune to it, and that its expandable enough to hold my cell phone and doesn’t move.

This evening I did my usual Pilates class at the YMCA, and then got all crazy and decided to do the cycling class.  I have never been able to get into a cycling/spinning class in the mornings so I thought I’d have a chance in the evenings.  Not to mention all the cyclists are hitting the roads this time of year!  (Really though, biking and doing this class is nothing alike! It’s more for strengthening, I think).  At any rate, did it.  Liked it.  Didn’t LOVE it but I may jump in a class here and there.  That being said, my legs may fall off!

I am so happy to be feeling better again! Yoga tomorrow morning.


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