Easter 2011

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter!  We headed to the south shore in Massachusetts to spend the Holiday with my husband’s family.  Lately, it’s been a tradition to go out there for Easter.  They really do it up for the kids with the egg hunt.

I managed to get a run in despite my congested-ness (seriously, allergies… ugh for almost two weeks now).  The weather was awesome on Sunday so I forced myself out for a 2.8 mile run in hopes of clearing myself out, and waking myself up (I haven’t been sleeping well with this sickness), not to mention I was also itching to get out and do something since I only hit the gym twice last week (Wednesday – 2 mile run and Pilates, Thursday – yoga, which I did my first float to head stand! More on that later!!!).

At any rate, it was fun despite how subdued it was with myself being sick’ish and all the injuries/surgeries of the last week.  …Dad (Father-in-law) got a new knee, and Andy (Brother-in-law) fell on a job last week and cracked his hip (ouch, and UGH),and we totally missed him at Easter.  Especially my husband. They are like best friends, so on Easter Sunday after the family festivities we took a ride up to Quincy for a visit on our way back to New York.  A different kind of Easter this year but still fun for the kids, and us to see everyone.

Not to mention, I was definitely happy to be back in my own bed last night even though I didn’t sleep much. This morning, I’m still feeling off and my ears are just FULL so I am off to the doctors in a few minutes.

Here are some highlights from Easter this year… enjoy!

Egg Dying and Painting Bunnies (which we managed to forget for everyone, so I guess we’ll have a “Post Office Day”.

Little Peepers…scoping out the 100’s of eggs to hunt for, sneaky!

Ready. GET SET!


Egg  hunt with the cousins. What a beautiful day!


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