You (and Me) Are Awesome

Remember when I posted about getting a print from Tad Carpenter?  I wanted this little guy for Owen’s room.

Well, he arrived some time ago and I have just finally now got around to putting it in a frame because 1. I forgot and 2. O recently discovered it (hands! ACK!) and LOVES it. He was a constant reminder, which oftentimes I need!

Owen insisted it go above his “robot landing”.

Those are just a few of his bots. Not sure why Superman is back in there…

And here’s another view of the corner with the big robot I made Owen for this fourth birthday party.  O loves him, and loves that his name is Owen too.

You should see the Wall-e cake I made too…it was humongous!

At any rate, the Awesome Bot.


Although, I do still need to work on a thin matte’s just a bit to small for the frame, but it works!

We also received another lovely surprise from Tad Carpenter

You And Me Are Awesome. You can find it here.

Ummm, I’m thinking this may be perfect for our bedroom. Which, this isn’t the final frame but a frame I had lying around so I figure I better get it into something before it got all bent up (wah!).  Not exactly sure how I am going to display this print yet. ANYWAY!  Really though, how Awesome is he?!   So if you haven’t already, seriously people, go check out his stuff now!  Bean is still “Tad-less” so I may just have to find an art print for her room… there’s a really cute dog one that I have my eye on!

Man, I’ve been so productive with finally getting things framed, these will finally go up in the living room too.

The kids school photos! Love.Love.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Off to celebrate Easter on the south shore!

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