Ready Go

Date night last night. We left the kids with the awesome sitter and went out, just R & I!

We enjoyed a little Blue Man Group.  We’ve seen them a handful of times (in Boston at the Charles Playhouse) and when we heard they were going to be in the area (a national traveling BM) by we couldn’t resist.  It just never gets old!

Last nights performance was at Proctor’s. We hit up Aperitivo Bistro prior for some tapas and drinks.  It was very quaint, I loved the exposed brick, the wine list was good, the appetizers were also good despite that I was feeling like every appetizer that I had wanted was deep-fried first!  Regardless, we got the Goat Cheese and Hazelnut Scallops apps…both were fried and super tasty! Rick got a couple of South African Tusker beers, and I had two glasses of the Three Rocks Cabernet.  I felt nice before the show!

Fun! I totally recommend you catch the Blue Man Group if you ever get a chance!

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