5 Miler & a {Little Bit of Me} Run-Down

Ahh, I ran my first race of the season yesterday.  (I’m signed up for a couple of 5K’s in the next two months), and I did so much better than I did last year!

Sooooo. It totally pays to actually do some running before running a race. I know, duh.  ha! Seriously though, last year, I just sort of did the 5 mile dash just to do it, and because my husband loves running and he just kept bugging me about it!  Also, reminding me of how I used to run BEFORE kids. And, what about Pilates! Yoga! You LOVED that stuff!

2010 5 Mile Dash; Look at him! He didn’t even break a sweat!

Which, long story short  about why my guy was trying to motivate me back to enjoying life…  I went through some anxiety/depression after I lost my Dad, then with post-partum depression after my second child, and finally some health issues which included a lot of pain in my pelvic region and lower back, so all activities halted, and then fibroids were found to be the culprit. My body does not like estrogen, apparently.

I know, there are worse things in life but those were some tough years for me… mentally. It’s taken me a lot of work, time, some medicine and a surgery to get back to where I am today.  After that surgery last September (to remove those two dang estogen-feeding fibroids!), a few months later things changed for me, for the better.   That being said, it feels good to feel myself again!

So back to what I was saying, at last years race I averaged 11:31/mi. This year I totally killed that at 9:15/mi!  My second and last miles were my best at 8:33 and 8:37.  I felt good and was able to fight off a side stitch around mile 3.  Not to mention it was a gorgeous day to run with my husband.  Such a fun time this year, and he actually did break a sweat!

After the race, we headed back to take the kids to run their race.

My little dashers ready to run!  Believe it or not, this is their 3rd year running the kids fun run!

2009 Little Dashers (and a Mommy fighting PPD with darkened moody hair! Gah!)

After the race, I was starving and craving a grilled hot dog!  Since the weather was so nice, and my Mom (yay!) was visiting we decided to grill up all beef hot dogs and have some salad, which then was followed by a trip to the get some soft serve ice cream!

B-A-D, but oh so goooooooood! Not pictured my soft serve SUNDAE! Oh yes I did!

What a truly awesome day with all the loves of my life!

My little dashers and I post 5 miler and kids runs.



2 thoughts on “5 Miler & a {Little Bit of Me} Run-Down

  1. Your so pretty. And your kids are so sweet.
    Wow…I’m so missing exercise…I feel such a failure and wonder if its all in my head — I literally sit all day long…
    Thanks for the tip on pears…I eat a lot of fruit! I also eat a lot of dairy..sigh…oops. And avocado…I chop up 1/2 avocado, flaxseeds, coconut shreds and dump it into yogurt. Yipes…maybe that is not good for me…not sure if any of it is good or worse :(
    Listen to me drone on and on …sorry !!

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