Nothing But Blue Skies

Back from a short run with the Wally monster!  Our second one of the season.  The rain stopped, and the sun finally popped out this morning.  A perfect time to take advantage of these blue skies considering:

1. my favorite Run/Pilates Wednesday has been squashed due to a revamp of the fitness schedule.  Pilates tonight at 6pm though!

2. the track is closed until the 11th, and the treadmill is just so boring!

3.  the 5 mile dash is this Sunday.

Anyway, here we are after our run, and after playing a short game of catch with the tennis ball.

Wally found his bone, and I was checking out the raised gardens before I took this photo.  The one I am sitting on is the strawberries raised bed!  This will be our third year, so it should be plentiful.  We’ve already got seedlings started inside for the other raised bed.

I love these blue skies.  Blue Skies reminds me of my Dad.  He loved Willie Nelson, I heard him a lot growing up.  A lot of the bluegrass music.  This version is a  remake of Irving Berlin’s Blue Skies.  I am willing the blue skies to stay around but I know that’s not likely.  C’est la vie!

Alright, off to shower and then pick up the Bean.  Lunch with my girl while O is at a play date, and then off to her make-up gymnastics class today!


3 thoughts on “Nothing But Blue Skies

  1. Hello hazeleyedbetty, It’s been a beautiful day here in South Australia. Hey, that’s really a great snap of you and the “dog and a bone”.

  2. Our blue skies led to rain and we’ve just had a couple cooler days. It is autumn – and yesterday we had our coldest day for this year. It feels like we’ll be putting the heaters on soon.

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