I’m sitting here having a glass of carmenere waiting on the final March Madness game to start… UConn, baby!

Anyway, I was thinking that I should take some photos of myself holding these yoga poses!  I mean, it’s only a matter of time before I am all fragile and insistent that, yes! YES! I could do that! in a ripe old age of ..whatever.   But really, I am just excited that I got shown the eight limb pose on Thursday and I conquered it in a day. Right after I got myself all twisted weird.  I would focus on one part, and forget the other part of my body.  But ah,  mind and body are one, I love that connection.

..UPDATE!!  because I just left this post hanging at like 8pm. So here’s my new update!

{Who Let the Dogs Out!}

Messsssy, poor shooting + defensive  = low scoring… but ahhhhhh!



PS    I won the bracket pool at my husbands work, AGAIN!


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