I’m downloading a lot of photos from my phone… I love looking back at them and remembering the exact moment I took them.

In craziness of the weather that is due to arrive, I give you this from mid-January.

Adirondack Northway driving.  By the way, that’s a three lane highway.  There’s a whole lane on my left, and it is indeed, snowing.

Apparently we are getting a storm tonight into tomorrow (April Fool’s, FOOLS!). This storm should not be as bad as this photo considering the temperatures are above normal and the ground has thawed. But really, I am done with the white stuff.  However, I’m trying to stay optimistic about it and know that it will melt and be gone considering I have the 5 mile dash in less than two weeks.

I’m completely not ready for it.

My sciatic nerve? SI joint? or something in my hips, bum region has been bothering me.  I need an adjustment; time to make an appointment with the chiropractor.

Although, I do feel pretty good after yoga class this morning, it really took some motivation to get out the door. I couldn’t get into a groove this morning (or for this whole week, for that matter) but ahhhh, after class I felt GREAT!  All that rushing to get the kids out the door in the morning, and annoyance of constantly repeating to the monsters to put your shoes on! Hello! Shoes need to be on! I was frustrated! And really, are we getting snow tonight?

So this morning, I dedicated my class to my kids.  I rocked it, held my crows, went to head stand, and just connected my body with my mind.  I love that feeling of letting go, and quieting my mind at the same time.  Life is what it is and what it will be, and I’m so grateful for O and N!

Speaking of yoga, the new core yoga track is awesome.  I’m downloading the 60 minute version!  Latest addiction: Yoga Download. LOVE.  I think I’ll download some kid yoga too… or kid YODA, O & N are such little jokesters !

On a crappy note, my Wednesday morning Pilates instructor (also today’s yoga instructor) is no more and moving to the evening… waaaaaaaahhhh!

I know a certain someone that will have to be home on time on Wednesday evenings. *coughhusbandcough*

Alright, so dinner is baking. Sweet sausage ziti.  I have a craving for comfort food with this dreary weather rolling in.  Not to mention the pasta will be good fuel for Fit Camp tomorrow!

And, while I’m the topic of food, I must put together a post for yesterday’s dinner. Tilapia Stir-Fry with RICE NOODLES!  Sooo good!

Loves of my life.


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