The MADNESS called Facebook!

Funny thing, which totally involved Facebook…

To be honest, I rarely post status updates, and usually they are something funny that the kids said or something light hearted.  I mean, I hate logging on and seeing all the negativity on there!

So the other day I posted this at 7:30am on Monday (early morning is usually my log on to the computer time).

MY STATUS: A lot of upsets this weekend!

Then I get a call from my husband saying that his sister texted him and heard we had a rough weekend.  She hope all is well. xoxo or something like that.  What is going on, Denise?

If you know me, then you know what I’m talking about with that update, and you also know that I never post anything private or personal on a status update.  I laughed, explained about my status update, made my husband laugh, and then decided to check my wall.  Here are the starter comments:

  • SIL:Today is a new day. My prayers are with you. Xoxo 

    Monday at 10:15am
  • My BRO: LOL sounds like last year (I haven’t been following this year at all..) 

    Monday at 10:17am ·
  • FRIEND: Oh no! Will call you! 

    Monday at 10:32am ·
  • ME: NCAA March Madness, ladies!!! haha But, thanks for the loving thoughts! 

    Monday at 10:38am ·
  • ME: Bro, some really great close games this tournament! 

    Monday at 10:45am

I have always loved NCAA basketball, and this time of year is what we wait for… it’s crazy, wild and I just love college hoops.  Last year I won the pool at my husband’s work making myself 350 bones, and bragging rights for a year!  This year, let’s just say that I am in the top ten and holding.  OH, and ahead of my husband.  I don’t want to jinx myself!

Tonight kicks off the Sweet 16!

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