Happy 2nd Birthday, Wally monster!

This month marks Wally’s second birthday!  He was born sometime during this month but it’s unknown because he is an adopted pup from a local shelter.  Originally from Tennessee, and about to be euthanized *super super sad face*; he only arrived in New York two days prior to our meeting one another.  It’s really a sad situation in the south because many people do not neuter or spay, and there are a lot of breeders.  Also, he is a black dog which is thought to be demonic in the south. *eyeroll*

I clearly remember the day we fell in love, and brought him home right on the spot.  It’s actually the same place we had adopted Autumn from, my Mom’s yellow lab mix!  They are the best of friends!

I was strictly told that Owen wanted a black puppy (PLEEEAAASSEE, Mommy!), and that he wanted to name him Wall-e.   We said he could name him Wall-e but only if he began  telling everyone his name was Owen again and NOT Wall-e.  He has, and probably always will be obsessed with that robot!  Nora is even a huge Wally fan now!  When we first got Walls, Nora was a few months shy of turning  two years old so she didn’t really quite know what to expect except “..puuuuupppppppy! I want!” and “nooooooo! my paci!” (see collage below!).

Wally is the perfect addition to our family!  He plays so nicely with the kids, does laps with them and truly is their buddy.   Nora loves to call him Wallejandro.  We love to call him Wally monster… you know, Wally from the Red Sox!

Here is a photo from August 2009 when Wally was about four months old.  Owen not still three years old, and Nora Bean at just two years old. Best buds.

Other things about Wally, well he’s my dog. A total Mommy’s boy and will lay in his bed in the morning in our room until I get up for the day.  He goes to bed with me at the same time every night.  He is such a snuggler. Loves walks, and peanut butter in his kong.  Treat is another word I use often to bribe him to “come”. Those are the words that make his head completely tilt sideways.  He’s a total glutton, and food is a huge motivation for him!  It’s funny when Rick calls him because oftentimes Wally ignores him and as soon as I say “Wally! Come!” He comes barreling back to the house.  He has recently become my running partner and does a great job.  We went for our first run this season last weekend! Let’s see, he loves to torment Leona, our old orange kitty although she is fine with him she is just a tad to old to play.  He’s also the typical retriever with the tennis balls, and will tear any toy apart you get from the dog store.  Sometimes he likes to be a houdini and escape the yard, the dog can hop the fence if he wants, and its usually because there is another dog or person the receiving end.  He loves everyone and wants to befriend them all!

I love my monster!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Wally! xoxo

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