Vinyasa has finally arrived!

Despite all the sickness going on here, the YMCA has added a new Vinyasa flow class which, awww yeah! *FIST PUMP!*

Vinyasa is my favorite type of yoga, and I used to take it at other venues when the only thing I did, and had time for, was yoga.  However, now that I am a member at the Y it only makes sense to take classes there, and the only yoga classes really offered at this paticular gym are of the more subdued type.  I do take a vinyasa type class on Sundays (today) although they call it athletic yoga which for me is a little fusion of Vinyasa/Kripula/Pilates combined.  But, ahhhh…the flow of it all.  This new Thursday class was awesome and just what I was hoping to come across at the Y.

On another side note, I feel as though that I am totally becoming this instructors groupie.  She is also the Pilates instructor and Fit Camp instructor.  Totally amazing, and my kind of teacher.

Anyway, I need to mix up my schedule because Thursdays use to be an off day but now will easily rival against Wednesdays (2 mile run and Pilates) as my favorite working out day.

[Photo via Juli Rathke]

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