The sun’ll come out Tomorrow

What a long day.

I felt incredibly helpless today as my little guy fought a stomach bug.  It all began at 5:30am when he woke up tossing his cookies.  Every half an hour for a few hours, and the dry heaving… I caught myself gagging a few times while I was rubbing his back during this happening.  My poor baby! And seriously, the dry heaving and just seeing him struggle was breaking my heart!  Not to mention how he just laid on the couch all day, no television, looking pale and just wanted quiet and nothing from me. AT ALL.

Did I mention I felt helpless?  Worse feeling when your kid is sick.

Then of course I started thinking that, “hey?!  Has he used the bathroom at all?”  I decided it was time to push the fluids harder since he kept declining everything I offered.  Finally, I decided to try to do a little reasoning while rubbing his head, “hey dude… it will be easier to throw up if you drink something.”   Totally worked, and he was pretty impressed with the results the Gatorade produced, and that “WHOA!  Red stuff came out of my nose!”   He continued with the throwing up various colors throughout the day but it finally moved to every hour, then every two with the last happening at 5pm.  THANK GOD.  He finally informed me that he was only half sick and would like some toast and to play with Nora.

Not only did that make the day long but due to the quick thaw (which, really I am totally fine with the thaw!), but yeah, the basement with the water flooding in (GAH!).  No fun.  No break.  Did I eat anything today yet?  Crap! Did Wally jump the fence again…where is the dog? I had to bust out the dry vac and do that every hour or so today too.

Finally at 3:30pm I sent a text to my guy with a request to come home early.  Please. Pleeeaase, kind sir. HAAALLLPPP!  He was home within an hour, and I passed out for a good hour.

I hope O feels better tomorrow.


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