Valentine Spirit

The kids are really into Valentine’s Day this year.  About a week or so ago we began making the kids valentine’s day cards for school.  You know, because O needs to write his name twenty-five times, and Nora seventeen times.  So I thought I would be all over it and get a head start on them.

Here’s how it went down:

Glue, glitter and hearts!
Intensity with glitter and glue!

(Also, please ignore the sheet rock wall! It’s all part of the bathroom remodel, so now that means we’ll do a wall remodel in the dining…joy!)

Then came the excitement of hole punching going on, followed by the name signing.    Owen is done.  All that is left is helping Nora sign the rest of hers… here’s what Nora had to say when O was finished signing them all, “Mommy, can Owen finish my valentine’s?

She’s too much sometimes!

Anyway, then it was time to add the heart pops and Voila!!  Valentine’s from the kids to their friends.

The finished card... how sweet it is!

There are lines, and swirls, and fireworks.  That there above, is a firework valentine’s day card. (Really, how cute are they!) So, I began calling them the exploding hearts.  You know, my heart is exploding for you! (Yes! I WILL have some wine to go with that cheese!)

They are super excited about the whole thing that we decided we needed some decorations.

Heart garland with other random valentine's day drawings/decorations...

And, the tissue paper flower pom-pom.

My first pom!

That’s the only one I made last night.  Not too bad, right?  I plan on making more once I purchase some better scissors!   ….adding that to my list right now.

Random thought: I think they will make tissue flower pom-poms for their teachers.  OOoOoo, that’s a good idea (as O would say.).

Alright. Off to go rest my body…  I did Pilates this morning with a quick mile run, and then went to a yoga class a few hours ago.  I should sleep well tonight! Peace.


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