I want to sing in the shower!

I’m having a dilemma here.  Our bathroom is just about complete, except for the finishing touches of hardware and trim.  Oh, and a linen shelf/cabinet or something… anyway, I’m having an issue with the shower curtain.

I bought this:

Adelaide Fabric Shower Curtain

Lovely, isn’t it?

Yet, I feel like I need a pop of color considering the lightness of our bathroom.  It is very neutral, and white so I was thinking either 1. getting some rust colored or green bath mats (the wall is Turtle Dove 400E-2 (Behr paint)).

Or 2.  get this shower curtain instead:

Daintree Fabric Shower Curtain

Also, lovely.  I love the little bits of color, and the dimension.  The birds are really cute too which I know the kids would adore.  My husband on the other hand doesn’t like the birds…which really now, would he even notice them? Probably not if I had not pointed them out!

I really do love the birds.  It could also be the fact that I am craving Spring.

At any rate , this is my dilemma.  Pressing, I know!  I am so ready to get this bathroom done already, and love it. Really, LOVE IT.  The towel bar and hand towel ring will go up tonight (I hope), and then what for the walls?

I was totally thinking of silhouettes of the kids and animals spanned across it. Cheesy?  Classy?  Clean?

First things first… the shower curtain!

[Photos via Bed Bath and Beyond]


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