Kripalu. Oh how I have missed you.

What a great way to start my Sunday, and relax my muscles from the pain that Fit Camp gave me on Friday morning.   My leg muscles ached after, and I barely slept!  I swore I was pregnant at night because I had that restless legs thingy going on… squats are my enemy!

Anyway, my working out has really taken off the last four weeks and I’ve been super consistent with it all.  Five days a week at the gym.  No, seriously!  And, it feels fantastic!

For the most part, my weekly work out has consisted of:

Sunday – Kripalu yoga

Monday – 3M+ run

Tuesday – yoga and then maybe a run

Wednesday – Running and then Pilates!

Thursday – Off or Body Sculpting class

Friday – Off or Fit Camp (depending on Thursday)

Saturday – Off, although I have sneaked out once to do a run.

My original goal was 3-4 times per week but I am doing quite well with this new routine I have going, which I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with it if I hadn’t dropped the programming class.

You remember that crazy day where I just cried all day because I was stressed out just thinking about taking the class.  So you know what,  dropped!

There really is no hurry to finish the degree, after-all my first and most important job is spending time with my kids.  I immediately felt better once it was done.  The tight chest vanished, and the need for Xanax subsided.

I’m telling you, the last couple of years have been a mental brain drain!

Anyway, I love how I am feeling balanced with my family, my mind, and my body.  I think it can only get better from here.


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