What the f**K, New England?

I love the Patriots.  Mostly because my husband does…. he’s a BIG BOSTON sports fan.  Duh.  You know those south/north shore Boston boys. I don’t blame him, he grew up in it. A passion. But mannnn, they are emotionally invested in this stuff.  He’s mad.  Sad. Completely annoyed.  Yet, still loving to me, but  gah, his face is RED.  He’s TILING…during the game! He is not happy.

This was similar to when Owen was born. New England lost.  It was crazy.  I was coming out of my morphine haze.  (You know I labored for 46 hours with that boy! Good GOD!).  Anyway, I remember his face.  He looked so annoyed after that game.  Switched it [the tv] off….

Then, they told him to grab a leg.  He look bewildered.   It was time. He was amazing through it all.

The scared faces.  The support. AMAZING.  Really, I can’t even begin to explain how he coached me through O’s birth. Two glorious hours of pushing. Exhausting. Exhilarating.  My first baby.  2005.

Oh, Patriots.  I love no matter what…

Here comes Owen….   Hang on!

Side note… isn’t O the cutest burrito baby you’ve ever seen! My huggie bear!


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