Note to Self*

I just got back from running at the gym.  Week 2, day 1. I’ve realized that the mornings are cranky-old-lady times in the women’s locker room.  They swim.  They get the floor all wet.  The benches wet (ew, right! I sat in water before a run..) They constantly complain about the increase in enrollment.  There’s not enough lockers so we tend to circle around like we’re looking for a parking space to open up. The one lady belts out, “Too many people. You should go to the GIRLS LOCKER ROOM next door.”

I laugh, and have decided, you know that might not be a bad idea.  I grab my bag and truck next door to the girls locker room…low-and-behold, it is so nice and quiet in there.  Everything is dry.  Everyone is friendly (the three of us!). A plethora of lockers for all to share.  It’s not all humid.  It’s damn NICE!  Thank you, cranky-old-lady-that-gets-everything-wet!

*Note to self, do not become a bitter old woman.


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