I totally LOVE this, and will be implementing this with the kids next year!  They’ve already found our stash of Holidays books so it would be hard to take them away at this point to do this, so they currently sit in the basket for choosing. The basket that will go under the tree once we get it this weekend!

Quick thought though, I think  that I need to double the books so that both my loves can open one next season.

It’s really so fun having the kids to share the Holidays with… living vicariously through them puts such a heartwarming perspective and appreciation on the simple things in life.


Christmas Book Advent Calendar

How brilliant is this?!

Instead of using a traditional advent calendar [where hidden behind microscopic paper doors are tiny holiday themed photos or bite-sized pieces of chocolate] to count down the days until Christmas….why not make things a little more interactive with this delightful idea!

You can create your own Christmas Book Advent Calendar, by wrapping 24 Christmas Books in festive holiday paper. Label each book with the 24 days until Christmas and display them somewhere in your home [on your mantle…under the tree!]. Each night, your kids get to unwrap one book and that is their bedtime story for the evening.

[I know it sounds daunting at first…but wrap in cheap paper and definitely reuse the books year after year. Just call it a tradition!]

I stumbled on this idea on one of my favorite mommy blogs, and while our little girl will be experiencing Christmas from inside my tummy this year, I DEFINITELY will be implementing this come Christmas 2011. And I plan beginning my hunt for Holiday Books now!

Have I mentioned….I really can’t wait to be a Mom!

[Photo & Idea via Babyccino Kids
and visit their bookshop to check out their recommendations for the best Children’s holiday books!]


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