Home "Party"

I want to know, what is it with everyone having house parties to sell you stuff?  I mean, seriously! I get it, it’s the Holidays, you stay at home with your kids and can’t find anything else to do?  I have been invited (I kid you not!) to a total of 9 this month.

Tastefully Simple, Lia Sophia, a friends personal jewelry collection (?), PartyLite (WTF is that!), Pampered Chef, make your own handbags, Usborne Books , and a sex-toy party because you know I just want to buy someone in my family something totally intimate like that for the Holidays!

They try to lure me with wine and food… tempting. However, I said no to every single one because 1. it’s not my thing. 2. once you say yes to one the invites don’t stop and 3. even though they say just come for the food and drink, you know you feel obligated to buy something.  Something you don’t want or need, so you look for the cheapest thing in the catalog.  Also, lets not forget how they try to suck you in and host your own “party”.

Talk about awkward.  Am I the only that feels this way?

And I’m sorry, but that is not what I consider a party, people!

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